What is a Voice Broadcast?

Voice Broadcast is an innovative technology and can be configured to deliver messages over the telephone to a large volume of customers or a population.

Dixivox’s Voice Broadcast service is an innovative telecommunications platform that conveniently circumvents spam filters and junk folders using a unique voice technology. A Voice Broadcast is configured to send out pre-recorded audio messages in large or small volume. You may decide which times of the day you want to send out the broadcasts, and the Caller ID number that will show up on the receiver’s telephone. Answering machine detection and the ability to transfer a call at the end of a broadcast make Dixivox’s Voice Broadcast an exceptional tool when it comes time to notify customers of important information and it’s available upon request.

By following the tutorial outlined in this help section here, you may configure a Voice Broadcast quickly and easily on Dixivox’s Web site. Upon creating a broadcast, you can then begin sending out voice broadcasts to suit your organization’s needs.

Types of Voice Broadcasts

Audio Only Voice Broadcast: Allows for high-volume, customized audio messages, with no text-to-speech capabilities.

Interactive Voice Broadcast: Create a Survey that allows you to ask questions, require information to proceed, and provide different routes or messages based on recipients’ responses. This feature is available upon request.

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